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Best Gifts for Artists | 100+ Ideas from Amazon

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

If you're stumped on what to get your artist friend for their birthday, christmas, or other event -- look no further! I've search far and wide on Amazon to find the absolute best gifts for an artist you can find. As an artist myself, I've found these gifts to be fantastic, and ones I'd wish to receive as well! With over 100 possible gift ideas, you'll be sure to find something your artist will love and keep forever.

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Home and decor gift ideas for an artist

1. Pantone Color Mug

Any type of Pantone color item you can find, I guarantee the artist or graphic designer you know will love it. These Pantone mugs come in different colors and are a great gift for the artist in your life!

2. NOT Paint Water Mug

If you've ever painted before... you know the struggle. This is a funny and cute mug for any painter you know that sips a hot beverage while painting. And this makes sure they sip the RIGHT one!

3. Van Gogh Coasters

Gorgeous paintings done by famous Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. They include his beloved Starry Night painting, Sunflowers, and more!

4. Artsy Kitchen Utensil Canvas

A simple and cute addition to someone's kitchen, this canvas print has the perfect blend of sophistication mixed with the fun and vibrant look of an artist.

5. Starry Night Blanket

Cuddle up with one of the most famous paintings in history, Starry Night! The blanket comes in a few other paintings as well.

6. Billion Dollar Art Gallery

If you have no idea what this is upon first glance, I'm with ya. However, this is WAY cooler than it looks. Showcasing 500 of the most beautiful paintings in history, Billion Dollar Art Gallery transforms your TV and living room into the best museum in the world. How cool!

7. "I Do it for the Monet" goblet

For that stressed out artist you know, the art teacher who does an amazing job, or just a funny friend that does paint-n-sips, this funny Claude Monet pun wine goblet is a sure winner.

8. "Painter Pl" Road Sign

An adorable sign for your artist friend's studio, this painter street sign is lightweight but looks like the heavy metal street signs you see!

9. Pantone Color Vase

Another Pantone! This one, rather than a mug, is a vase, which is quirky in and of itself. This vase would be perfect for an artist to showcase their dried flowers or fresh bouquet they buy for a still-life.

10. Graphic Designer Mug

I love this mug! My friend has it and it's super cool. The mug feautures funny kind of inside-jokes that only graphic designers may get -- which is perfect, because don't all graphic designers feel like they're in fight club?

11. Bookcase Blanket

A cute and warm quilted blanket for the book lovers, art lovers, and general aesthetic friend you have

12. Masterpiece Art Knife Set

Okay so I, Summer, the writer of this article, want these SO BAD. This knife set features fine art printed on the blades, including the Scream, Starry Night, The Creation of Adam, and more!

13. "I Can Totally Make That" Travel Mug

A phrase common amongst artists: "I can tottttttally make that myself..." This mug is a cheeky and fun gift for any artist you know.

14. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

From artist to photographer, this mug is a HUGE hit with anyone who loves taking and creating beautiful photos.

15. Colorful Art Drips Mug

This may look like a paint water mug, but these drips are permanent!

Apparel gift ideas for an artist

16. "Oh Crop" T-shirt for Graphic Designers

A hilarious gift for your graphic designer friend! This tee can be gifted to both the guys and gals in your life.

17. Van Gogh Sunflowers Kimoni Sweater

This cardigan can be ordered in SO many other famous painting prints! You can click through to see all the options.

18. "Support Your Local 'Pot' Dealer" Tank for Ceramicists

It's a litttttttttle cheeky of a joke, but this tank top is so funny! This is perfect for the potter you know, they'll love it.

19. Famous Renaissance Artist/Ninja Turtles T-shirt

A perfect mixture of artsy and nerdy -- this t-shirt features all four famous painters that the Ninja Turtles are named after: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael, all with funny ninja turtle eye masks. How fun!

20. "Great Wave Off Kanagawa" Dress

Featuring one of the most famous Japanese paintings, this dress has a gorgeous print and would guarantee lots of compliments for the gift-reciever!

21. "History of Art" T-shirt

Such a fun tee, it features line drawings, drawn in the style of each era. A cool artsy inside joke!

22. "Totally Kiln It" T-shirt for Ceramicists

Another cool option for the potter in your life, this tee is a play on the phrase "Totally killing it!" but using the word "kiln", which is what a ceramicist uses to fire their work!

23. Graphic Designer Definition T-shirt

Hilarious definition of a graphic designer, anyone receiving this gift for an artist will LOVE it!

24. "Van Gogh, Van Goghing" T-shirt

A perfect pun for any art-lover that's both funny and aesthetic.

25. Creation of Adam Line Art T-shirt

Line art is super popular right now, and this shirt is a great figure of mixing fine art with modern design. A great gift to give any artist in your life.

26. "MAKE ART" T-shirt

Combining images from SO many famous artists, this tee covers the whole gamut.

27. "Gogh Hard or Gogh Home" T-shirt

A shirt to guarantee an "lol". Van Gogh is a great name for puns, and this shirt is no exception!

28. "Support Your Local Tattoo Artist" T-shirt

Tattoo artists are AMAZING artists. Your friend or loved one will greatly appreciate this and will probably wear it to work often.

29. "Seize the Clay" T-shirt for Ceramicists

One more for the potters in your life! A pun on "seize the day", but for clay!

30. Retro Ceramic T-shirt

Not a pun or words like the other shirts, this gorgeous tee is perfect designed for the cool and chill ceramicist you know.

31. "Pretty Sketchy" Colored Pencils T-shirt

A cute and quirky t-shirt, perfect for an art teacher!

32. "I Arted" T-shirt

I own a shirt similar to this, and I'll tell ya -- people LOVE it. It's mild potty humor, but it's hilarious!

33. Starry Night Cardigan

This cardigan is loose-fitting and flattering to any shape. It's a great conversation piece and they'll always get compliments on it!

34. Van Gogh "Iris" Painting Dress

Available is a bunch of other painting prints, this dress is perfectly simple shaped, great for any body, and a perfect punch of artsy.

Accessory gift ideas for an artist

35. Color Wheel Turnable Pin

This pin is interactive, which is such a helpful gift for an artist!

36. Van Gogh Pin

A cute small pin that's a perfect addition to an artist's pin collection.

37. Frida Kahlo Pin

Another artist pin, this time with beloved Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo!

38. Famous Painting Socks (5 pk)

I own a few of these socks myself, they're amazing! Each pair features different famous paintings that everyone knows and loves.

39. "There are No Mistakes, Just Happy Accidents" Bob Ross Quote Keychain

For the ultimate Bob Ross fan or just a happy and content artist, this keychain is a perfect gift for the artist in your life.

40. Paint Brush Infinity Scarf

A really cool accessory to add to an outfit, artists like funky scarves and this one is no different!

41. The Girl With the Pearl Earring ...Earrings

A bit of an earring inception moment— these earrings are absolutely gorgeous, and are an artistic line-drawing rendering of the famous "Girl with the Pearl Earring" painting.

42. Adobe Illustrator Pin

Another one I personally own, this is such a great gift for a graphic designer or illustrator. It's love at first sight with .Ai! This is a unique and unusual gift to give to an artist.

43. Silver Painting Palette Earrings

Simple and to the point, these earrings are dainty and lovely for an artist to wear.

44. Pantone Keychain

In Classic Blue 19-4052, this Pantone keychain is created so that your belongings can be securely attached to your keyring so that your daily search will end.

45. "Create Something Beautiful Each Day" Keychain

Beautiful words to live by, this keychains acts as a reminder to your artist friend to keep pushing forward in art.

46. Retro Color Wheel Necklace

A cool gift for an artist, this french artist wheel necklace has charm and sophistication.

47. Tattoo Machine Necklace

A tattoo machine necklace can be a great gift for yourself or your friends! It's in the style of an antique tattoo machine and uses different color metals.

48. Starry Night Lunch Bag

This starry night lunch bag is suitable for all people and occasions; including kids, men, women, works as lunch bag, picnic bag, or hiking lunch bag.

49. Bluetooth Beanie Hat

The Headphone Beanie is one of the most advanced technologies of today, combining both the functionality of the headphones and the fashion statement an artist!

50. Van Gogh Cuff Bracelet

A gorgeous cuff bracelet for the art-lover, this bracelet features multiple paintings from famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.

51. Van Gogh Painting Rectangle Earrings

These earrings come in different prints of four types of Van Gosh paintings. Featuring a dainty drop design with a classic french hook, these silver dangle charm earrings make unforgettable jewelry gifts for artists.

52. Gold Paint Tube Earrings

A cute dangly earring for any painter you know; they have an antique brushed gold look.

53. Frida Kahlo Earrings

I find these to be absolutely adorable. They feature a cartoon graphic of famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

54. Painting Palette Necklace

A beautiful painter gift for women, teens and girls. This silver plated multi colored rhinestone char is on a 18 inch stainless steel chain.

55. Famous Painting Socks (12 pk)

Picasso, Van Gogh, DaVinci, and Manet -- these socks feature all of their works!

Fun and games gift ideas for an artist

56. Minimalistic Aesthetic UNO Cards

These UNO cards are perfect for the artist you know that loves a sleek, minimalist style.

57. Starry Night Playing Cards

A regular set of playing cards, but redesigned with the beautiful Starry Night landscape!

58. ART a Day Calendar

A perfect gift that keeps on giving! They say it's like "having a gallery on your desk, a year of masterpieces that are gorgeously photographed and reproduced in full color to the standards of a fine art book. The pieces range from the ancient to the contemporary and represent a diversity of cultural backgrounds and traditions."

59. Vincent Van Gogh FunkoPop!

Giving a FunkoPop! is such a fun gift and perfect for the artist in your life to put in on their desk, table, or in their art studio. This one is Bob Ross, but you can scroll down this list to find way more artists in the FunkoPop! style.

60. Bob Ross Bingo

Another Bob Ross style game, this one is Bingo! Watch an episode of Bob Ross together with people and mark off when he says things like "cadmium yellow" "the joy of painting" "move mountains" and others.

61. Hues and Cues Board Game

LET ME JUST SAY.... this is the best game on this list. Hands down. Bar None. I've played this game so many times with artists and regular folk alike, and it is a BLAST. Click through the link to see how the game is played, it's super easy for everyone to play!

62. Jean-Michel Basquiat FunkoPop!

The Brooklyn artists famous for his Graffiti art and Neo-Expressionism, Basquiat gained notoriety in the 70s and 80s.

63. Pantone: The Game

This is a simple-to-play competitive party game that lets you create representations of characters from pop culture using only abstract arrangements of color swatches, inspired by Pantone.

64. Pictionary Game

Everyone loves Pictionary, especially artists, because its where they can shine!

65. Bob Ross Monopoly

Some more Bob Ross fun! This time you can just play the game without having to watch an episode, this is simply just Monopoly themed to Bob Ross.

66. Guess the Artist: Art Quiz Game

A perfect game for a group of artists to play together. If you have someone in art school, or that knows a bunch of artists, this would be a great game to gift to them!

67. "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali Puzzle

Puzzlers of the world, unite! Here is the start of a few listed puzzles that would be a great gift for an artist.

68. "Fruit and Flower" by Alphonse Much Puzzle

A little more art nouveau flavor to this one, this would be a gorgeous puzzle to gift to someone.

69. Great Paintings Puzzle

All the greatest paintings, all in one puzzle!

70. Bob Ross FunkoPop!

One more Bob Ross thing before this section of the list is done, this FunkoPop! is so cute and perfect for anyone who likes "happy little trees".

71. Leonardo DaVinci FunkoPop!

It's a wild world, seeing famous Renaissance painter DaVinci in a cartoon form, but here we are. Any classical artists you know would probably love this as a gift.

72. Claude Monet Plush Doll

The end of this list -- the famous artist plush dolls-- are some of the coolest gifts you could give either someone who loves plush toys or a kid that's learning about world famous artists. This one is Claude Money, a impressionist painter.

73. Frida Kahlo Plush Doll

Famous painter, Frida Kahlo, wears a traditional Mexican outfit, complete with skirt, blouse, scarf, and even her trademark flowers in her hair.

74. Andy Warhol Plush Doll

Featuring his unruly grey hair, this Andy Warhol doll costs about $20, much less than the usual $100million an original Warhol painting costs! ;)

75. Vincent Van Gogh Plush Doll

This doll is my favorite of the collection, because get this... his EAR is detachable!!

76. Artsy Crazy Straws

A simple yet fun gift to give someone, especially a kid who loves art, or just an adult artist who has a playful spirit!

Stationary and books gift ideas for an artist

77. Caravaggio: The Complete Works

He was a notorious bad boy of Italian painting, this artist was at once celebrated AND controversial.

78. 642 Things to Draw

642 Things to Draw is the perfect inspirational sketchbook, sure to entertain and provoke the imagination of anyone ready to pick up a pencil.

79. Pantone Post Cards

A great gift for Pantone fans to spread the Pantone love. This postcard gift includes one HUNDRED different bold hues with their color code.

80. Gustav Klimt Drawings and Paintings

This book gathers all of Klimt's major works alongside authoritative art historical commentary, featuring beloved works as The Kiss and "The Woman in Gold".

81. Essential Art Therapy Exercises Book

Art therapy is such an important branch of the arts, and something I personally am passionate about. This book offers effective techniques to manage anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other daily stresses in life.

82. Paintbrush Pens

A set of 10 bamboo brush-shape pens. These pens are ideal gifts for your art lover friends, teachers and family.

83. "Great Wave Off Kanagawa" Bookmarks

If you would like to give a unique artsy gift that reminds people of you as soon as they see it, then this bookmark set couldn't be more special! It also comes in a print of "Fine Wind, Clear Morning".

84. Funny Nose Shaped Pencil Sharpener

A pretty good gag gift too, this funny pencil sharpener will work great for any artist's colored pencils.

85. Tiny Pantone Objects Book

This books shows pantone colors in the everyday world, perfectly matches to tiny objects. It's a quirky gift that any artist, especially a graphic designer, would love.

86. Pantone Coffee Table Book

Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color is a great coffee table book, featuring a visual tour of the last 100 years of color, design, and visual arts.

87. "The Earth without 'ART' is just 'EH'" Notebook

I love this phrase, and so do a lot of other artists! It's a simple gift you can give to an artist that they'll surely love.

88. "Life of a Graphic Designer" Funny Notebook

An immediate "lol" response, this notebook featured a funny and cheeky graphic that notes just how frustrating the life of a designer can really be.

89. Art That Changed the World Book

This books covers a LOT of art history. In it, it features every major movement in art from prehistory to the present day.

90. Monet Coffee Table Book

Hailed the “Prince of the Impressionists”, artist Claude Monet transformed expectations for the purpose of paint on canvas. This is a great coffee table book to give to an artist.

91. Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings Book

This comprehensive study of Vincent van Gogh pairs a detailed monograph on his life and art with a complete catalogue of his 871 paintings.

92. The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World

By now a modern classic, The Gift is a brilliantly orchestrated defense of the value of creativity and of its importance in a culture increasingly governed by money and overrun with commodities.

93. Van Gogh "Wheatfield With Crows" Ballpoint Pen

A special edition Van Gogh gift set by Visconti Pens, this ballpoint pen is an excellent (and extravagant) gift to give to a huge art lover, they'll appreciate the thought so much.

Supplies and product gift ideas for an artist

94. Set of Canvases

A pack of 48 canvas panels: 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, and 10x10! (12 of each)

95. Wacom Tablet

The Wacom Intuos pen tablet has been designed for those artists who are getting started drawing, painting or photo editing!

96. High Power + Sleek Desk Lamp

This lamp comes in black or white, and has a long-lasting, LED light that delivers better brilliance and truer color for reading and performing detailed tasks

97. Banding Wheel for Sculpture

A diameter banding wheel for sculpting, ceramics, clay, pottery, cake decorating – complete with rubbertip pen set!

98. Watercolor Brush Pens

Each pen has been created with a rich, vibrant pigment which allows them to take their creations to the next level!

99. Premium Pastels

This set includes 70 unique colors and high quality pigments, 1 extra black and 1 extra white. Give this gift to art student you know, they'll surely use it!

100. Wooden Pen Organizer

Ideal as a gift for art teachers, students, teens & children in the school classroom or teacher's desk!

101. Magic Jumbo Colored Pencils

Give the gift of rainbow colored pencils; there are 8 color pencils in the box.

102. Pantone Color Matcher

A graphic designer's dream expensive gift, the Pantone CAPSURE is a new portable color reading tool! It comes preloaded with more than 8,000 Pantone colors and automatically updates your stored libraries.

103. Pantone Formula Guide Set

You can quickly select, communicate, and compare colors for graphic design with the Pantone Formula Guide! Great slightly-extravagant gift for the designer you know.

104. Bob Ross Apron/Smock

This Bob Ross white apron is not just for getting crazy in the art room as a painting apron, but can be used in the kitchen as well!

105. "Painting is my Therapy" Supplies Bag

This bag can be used for painting supplies, pencils, makeup, and any other artistry supplies you'd need to keep together!

106. Wooden French Easel

This large plein air French style field and studio sketchbox easel converts into a tripod painting easel stand with a storage drawer!

107. Foldable Photo Studio

A great gift for the beginner photographer, this photo studio box features integrated LED lights that make it possible to capture high-quality product images with a camera or smartphone!

108. Wooden Hand Articulated Mannequin

This posable human hand is a great tool to learn how to draw and sketch and comes in right and left hands!

109. Wooded Jointed Mannequin

This product helps beginners or advanced artists to capture all the correct scale!

110. Paint Brush Cleaner

So simple yet to clever. This paint brush cleaner tool features a flexible, silicone lid with small brush resting areas inside the cup and outside to hold brushes while they’re rinsing out or not in use!

111. Dual Tip Markers

These markers have two tips on the one marker: On one end is a watercolor felt tip brush that offers stunning color to create gorgeous brush strokes. At the other end is a 0.4 fineliner for outlining and detail!

112. 45-Degree Angle Measure

This angle measure is perfect for woodworking and metalworking, drawing and drafting, measuring and marking, jointing and framing, engineering and architecture, construction, calibration, crafts, and much more!

Finding the best gift for an artist

It may be difficult to find the best gift for the art teacher, artis student, painter, or photographer that you know. Make sure to read the descritptions of each to see what kind of artist teach gift would be best for! Remember, it's the thought that counts, and if you find something that really taps into their love of art, they'll be sure to appreciate it!

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