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DIY Barbie Movie Costume Ideas - How to create the best Greta Gerwig's Barbie costume from Amazon

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

The 2023 Barbie movie by Greta Gerwig looks absolutely amazing! If you're as inspired as I am by the costuming from Barbie, and want to create a similar look for Halloween, look no further! The film stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken, respectively. Their chemistry is undeniable (and comical!)

Since Barbie-core is still so popular, below you'll find some of the coolest Barbie costume ideas. My favorite thing about Barbie's outfits is that there is a costume idea for everyone! You can be a beach Barbie, cowgirl Barbie, Workin' Out Barbie, and more!

How to make a classic Barbie swimsuit costume

Barbie's most iconic outfit is her retro black and white striped one-piece bathing suit. You can get this look by buying the official costume (linked below), and you can also add in a few unique touches, such as black jelly heels and retro sunglasses.

Here is the official Barbie swimsuit costume you can use:

These are a few actual bathings suits you can use for both your Barbie retro swimsuit costume, as well as re-using it for the summertime!

These are some of the best Barbie costume accessories: retro sunglasses, black jelly heels, and large chunky gold hoop earrings.

How to make a Barbie movie rollerblading costume

This outfit from the 2023 Barbie movie was one of the first sneak peek looks we got — and I love it! It's so fun, a very 80s take of Barbie. For this costume, you can use a little creative freedom when it comes to the unitard she wears, but it's important to focus on the accessories: a visor, rollerblades, and neon knee pads!

For the Barbie rollerblade costume, you'll want hot pink biker shorts to put on below your unitard. You can also choose roller-skates instead of rollerblades, like below.

If you do want rollerblades, here is a pair that comes already yellow. (Pro tip: if you want to save money and not spend a ton on a new pair of roller-skates, you can thrift or buy a cheap pair of roller-skates and spray-paint them neon yellow.

Above and below here are some unitard options for your Barbie rollerblade costume. My favorite is the blue 80s print unitard!

For Barbie's accessories, try to use a shiny and colorful visor to wear.

Margot Robbie also wears neon yellow hoop earrings when she is rollerblading, as well as yellow elbow and knee pads.

How to make a Barbie movie cowgirl costume

Another really fun costume from Greta Gerwig's 2023 Barbie movie, is Cowgirl Barbie! This outfit is so mind-glowingly pink, in the best way. Barbie wears a two-piece cowgirl set, fit with hot pink bell bottoms and a fitted western vest. She pairs it with white cowboy boots, a white cowboy hat, and a hot pink bandana wrapped around her neck.

First and foremost, you'll need a simple white cowboy hat, and then start building the clothes portion of the Barbie cowgirl costume.

There are a few pants options to look like cowgirl barbie.

For the top, it's hard to find specific vest tops that are bright pink, but I've found a few options!

Most of these tops will get the point across in the outfit, especially the one below which is tight-fitting and has a collared neckline. Add in the hot pink bandana around your neck!

If you choose a pair of while cowgirl boots, look for a pair that you'd want to wear over and over again, because they're pretty popular in fashion right now!

How to make a Barbie movie gingham costume

This Barbie outfit is absolutely adorable. Barbie wears a pink gingham dress that features a pearl belt. In the movie, Barbie wears a pair of simple pastel pink pumps, but I have a few more options to make your costume even more unique!

Amazon features 4 different types of pink gingham dresses, depending on which vibe you want to have for your DIY Barbie costume!

Barbie dons a pink gingham bow in here hair, as she pulls it back to a half-updo.

Another Barbie accessories for this costume is a large chunky while flower necklace and earrings!

Below you can find a pearl belt to use on your pink gingham picnic dress for your Barbie costume.

If you want to go closer to the Barbie outfit from the movie, you can go with a classic pointed toe pump, but I've also found a fun chunky rubber-barbie-heel-looking shoe!

Other Barbie costume ideas

Any of the Barbie costumes here would benefit from adding a cute Barbie necklace to your halloween outfit!

If you're thinking of the Toy Story 3 barbie costume, the one that is "workin' out Barbie", there is a costume you can find on Amazon that would be perfect for Halloween!

To step up your Barbie costume, you can buy this Barbie box (or make one yourself!) to look like a Barbie in her packaging.

If you don't naturally have platinum blonde hair (most people don't!) you can buy a blonde barbie wig for your halloween costume.

I hope this helped you find the best ideas for a Barbie costume this halloween!


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