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DIY Max Mayfield Costume - Stranger Things Costume Tutorial

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

The character of Max Mayfield in Stranger Things is absolutely iconic. She moved to Hawkins, Indiana with her family in 1984. Her complicated history with her brother Billy has wretched the hearts of many Netflix-watchers.

There are two main outfits that Max wears during her time on the show that would be a great costume: one being her Stranger Things Season 4 outfit when she is running from Vecna. The second being from Stranger Things Season 3 when she is hanging out with Eleven in the StarCourt Mall. Each would be a great and recognizable Halloween costume!

The Clothes for Max Mayfield Costume (Season 4)

Max's Hoodie in the Vecna scene

Max's most recognizable and icon piece of clothing is her blue and yellow hoodie from the Upside Down Vecna scene in Stranger Things season 4. I've found a replica of the exact jacket she wore in the scene, available here:

If you want it to be more suggestive and not as obviously costume-made, here is another option for you:

Max's shirt

When it comes to max's t-shirts, her character wears line graphic style shirt. I've found a striped shirt that looks very similar to hers:

Jeans for Max Mayfield costume

You'll need a simple straight leg darker wash jean for this DIY Max costume. You can also get away with skinny jeans or a looser fit, as long as it's blue jeans!

Shoes that Max wears in Stranger Things Season 4

In Stranger Things season 4, Max Mayfield wears a pair of hi-top burgundy Old Skool Vans. You can buy a pair similar here:

Getting Max's red hair right for your costume (with a wig!)

Max's hair has a wavy texture, which is just about the same as this wig I've found. You can braid it or throw it in a low bun like she does in the series.

The Accessories for Max Mayfield (Season 4) Costume

In Stranger Things season 4, Max listens to her portable cassette player constantly. Here you can buy a real portable cassette player and headphones to play "Running Up That Hill" on repeat (talk about character dedication!).

Max wears a bright blue large scrunch in her main scene in Stranger Things Season 4. Here's a pack you can get for your Max Stranger Things costume!

The Clothes for Max Mayfield Costume (Season 3)

Max's shirt in Season 3 of Stranger Things

Max wears a multi-colored stripe shirt in her StarCourt scene with Eleven.

Max Mayfield's shorts

Max wears a type of "paper bag shorts", paired with a fun belt. Here is a reasonably-priced pair of paper bag shorts for your Max Costume.

Max's shoes in Stranger Things Season 3

In Stranger Things Season 3, Max wears a pair of vans-style shoes that are split tone -- blue and red. I've found a pair of Vans that are split with blue and black, and paired with red checkered socks you can achieve the look for the Max halloween costume!

The Accessories for Max Mayfield (Season 3) Costume

Max's red sunglasses

A true 80's staple, Rayban-style red sunglasses sit atop Max's head during this scene. It's a great accessory for your Max costume!

Max's braided belt

Like stated above, max wears a bright braided belt with her paper bag shorts in Stranger Things Season 3.

Checkered socks that Max wears in Season 3

These are near identical to the socks that Max wears with her Vans shoes. Plus they're cute enough to wear with other outfits other than your halloween costume!

If you don't have red hair, here is a wig to use that looks very similar to Sadie Sink's hair in Stranger Things!

One more accessory for your Max Mayfield costume -- her bright yellow watch! You can buy a similar version here:

Why choose Max as a halloween costume this year?

Maxine "Max" Mayfield, played by Sadie Sink in Stranger Things season 2-4, is a main character in Stranger Things, being introduced in the second season. She is a well-loved character who is best friends Eleven, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, Lucas Sinclair (who she has a relationship with) and Mike Wheeler. Many people watch Stranger Things, and her two iconic outfits are sure to get recognized at a Halloween party!

If you're still on the fence, I have another Halloween outfit tutorial on how to make a Leeloo Dallas costume.

Hope you find the best costume out there!



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