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Fashion Guide: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Updated: Apr 12

The air is crisp, pumpkin season is in full swing, and the leaves are turning fiery colors. The autumn is one of the more beautiful times to get married, if not the most. The fall gives way to warmth and romance, warm bouquet colors and soft materials.

When it comes to dressing as a guest to a fall wedding, you'll need to balance style with comfort even more delicately with other months. For an outdoor wedding in September, the weather may still be quite warm (and sweaty!), but in November it could very chilly and require far more layers to stay comfortable for the ceremony. When considering what to wear to an October wedding, needs and designs may vary.

So when it's is later autumn, and the chill is real, I suggest wearing fleece-lined tights. These will be a life-saver if you need to be outside for long periods of time at a fall wedding.

Here is a link to my favorite fleece-lined tights:

If you already know the wedding attire required, jump to your section!

The best colors to wear to a wedding in the fall:

  • Mustard yellow - The quintessential color of autumn, wearing a warm mustard yellow color dress is perfect for any fall wedding. Just be sure that the bridesmaids aren't wearing yellow, because that's a popular wedding color in the fall?

  • Plum - The deep purple tones of plum really invoke a sense of warm, luxury, and coziness that is common in fall.

  • Burnt Sienna/Rust - A rust color is the perfect compliment to a mustard yellow. The rich tones (sometimes leaning into more burgundy too) look great with an autumn landscape.

  • Pewter grey - Some metallics don't work well in the fall, because the vibe is more earthy, dark, or rustic. If you want a more shiny fabric, or a neutral, choose a color like pewter grey.

What to wear to a casual autumn wedding as a guest

With a casual fall wedding, you can get really creative with what you wear. Boots come into play, with fall being a more casual season. You can lean into the forest-y look with foliage-like hair pieces. The dress can be more casual and flowy, but be mindful of length -- both for keeping warm and being appropriate!

This type of outfit is great for an October wedding, which are sometimes very casual and comfy, leaning into the cozy and "hygge" feeling.

Where to find this casual fall wedding guest outfit:

What to wear to a semi-formal autumn wedding as a guest

It's spooky time! Now, unless you're attending a Halloween-themed wedding in the fall, you don't want to go spooky, but there is a whimsical look of elegant black lace mixed with orange/mustard yellow that just feels like October! Add in elegance with modern heels and jewelry to not go totally Victorian, but a little Art Deco fashion design really elevates a look.

Where to find this semi-formal fall wedding guest outfit:

What to wear to a formal autumn wedding as a guest

The longer hemlines needed for a formal wedding in the fall works in your favor as a guest, because it'll hopefully keep you warm if it's a bit chilly outside! You can still feel free to use more light fabrics for your dress, but choose more subdued colors, like navy, pewter grey, or burgundy.

Where to find this formal fall wedding guest outfit:

What to wear to a black tie autumn wedding as a guest

Black tie for an autumn wedding is the best!! A popular autumn material, velvet it the ultimate luxurious fabric that is also insanely comfortable. Choose jewelry in more warm tones, like gold or rose gold. Autumn and winter are the months where wearing black to a wedding is most normal.

Where to find this black tie fall wedding guest outfit:

Here is a pro tip for wearing a gown to an late autumn wedding: In the later months of fall, temperatures can drop quickly, so in some dresses, you can get away with wearing some leggings underneath if you don't have a slit in the dress! You will stay warm and cozy while still looking fully dressed up, plus you can take them off in case of it getting warmer throughout the day.

What to wear to a destination autumn wedding as a guest

Destination weddings in the fall can span from rustic barn weddings, mountainside ceremonies, or deep into a forest of pine trees. This kind of warm, rustic feel can lend itself to more fun kind of attire-- working with fall patterns such as buffalo check, adding wide-brimmed fedora hats, or sleek booties. Always add either gold or silver (or another metallic) into the mix to elevate the look and make it appropriate and fancy enough for a wedding.

Where to find this destination fall wedding guest outfit:

Simple winter wedding guest guide:



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