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Fashion Guide: What to Wear to a Spring Wedding as a Guest

Updated: May 5, 2022

Spring weddings are just so much fun, but they can have varying weather that makes it hard to decide what to wear as a wedding guest to a spring wedding event. Depending on where you live, the spring may welcome in warm and comfortable temps, but some may experience just dreary rainy (and sometimes cold!) weather.

If you already know the wedding attire required, jump to your section!

The best colors to wear to a wedding in the spring:

  • Peony pink - Choosing a soft peony pink dress for a wedding in the spring adds femininity and loveliness to your look.

  • Pastel blue - Match the gorgeous spring sky with a nice pastel blue-- it has a crisp new feel to it that invokes a feeling of safety and classiness.

  • Gold - Golds are perfect for the spring, because they are the warmest of the metallics. A soft gold dress will give a sense of simple elegance without being too flashy.

  • Anything floral 🌸 - Honestly, need I say more? Albeit easy, floral is the best fallback option for a spring wedding guest outfit. You can't go wrong!

Keeping warm at a spring wedding

The first step in figuring out what to wear to a spring wedding is to look at the location of the wedding. Is it further South? Opt for lighter, more flowy fabrics. Is it further up North? Try longer hemlines, floral applique sleeves, or thick (perhaps fleece lined?) tights.

Here are my favorite fleece lined tights from amazon -- they've kept me so warm when it gets chilly!

Choosing a pair of shoes for a spring wedding

Nude-colored shoes can always be a good decison for shoe choice, because it can match virtually any dress you choose. When you look at the wedding website, try to figure out where the ceremony will be -- will it be on gravel? Grass? Pavement? That will inform you whether or not you'll need a chunkier heel or not. Most likely, with an outdoor wedding, you'll want a wedge or chunkier heel, so your heel doesn't sink into the ground.

If you're totally hung up on a pair of stilettos for this wedding, try these heel covers that you can put on and take off after the wedding -- they prevent your heel from digging into the dirt!

What to wear to a casual spring wedding as a guest

When attending a wedding in the spring, fun is the word! Reintroduction to floral is always so exciting, and you can add in fun accessories and outfit elements (like cork!) that people haven't seen out and about in 6 or more months.

Use casual weddings to try out more adventurous or trendy styles, like chunky mules or asymmetrical cuts.

What to wear to a semi-formal spring wedding as a guest

Semi-formal weddings in the spring are probably the best for choosing what to wear! The weather is warm enough to have some nice cap sleeves or sleeveless dresses, but you can opt for a shorter or longer length, depending on the weather, and still be comfortable!

Try to look for dresses that have floral laces on them, which adds a staple spring visual, while still retaining a more formal look.

What to wear to a formal spring wedding as a guest

A formal wedding in the spring can really be a tossup as whether to wear something floor-length or tea length. If you go floor length, try to use a light and fun fabric. For a formal wedding in the spring, opt for soft metallics -- but make sure if you try gold it is NOT too light, lest it looks like a white similar to the brides. Plus, adding bright colors to your accessories help differentiate you as well.

What to wear to a black tie spring wedding as a guest

When going to a black tie wedding, it's your opportunity to feel luxe and glitzy for the night without showing up the bride! Try out a floor-length floral applique dress for a bit of a fun and flirty look. Adding in bright silver/diamond accessories can add the perfect touch of upscale elegance to the look.

Here is a pro tip for wearing a gown to an early spring wedding: In the early spring, temperatures may not have warmed up too much by then, so there are a few you can get away with wearing some warm tights or leggings underneath if you don't have a slit in the dress! You will stay warm and cozy while still looking fully dressed up, plus you can take them off in case of it getting warmer throughout the day!

What to wear to a destination spring wedding as a guest

A destination wedding in the spring could mean a ceremony happening in a tulip field, a beach lighthouse, or a budding forest. When attending a spring destination wedding, choose fun colors, and pair it with surprising elements like ruffles, pearls, or patterns.

Simple winter wedding guest guide:

When choosing what to wear to a spring wedding, keep this quick guide on hand when you're out and about shopping the perfect outfit.

Spring weddings are such fun, so bright, and a blast to attend. I hope that you can find the best outfit to wear to your event that helps you feel confident, cute, and comfortable!



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