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35+ Best Designer-Inspired Items You Can Find on Amazon

Updated: Jan 15

designer dupes on amazon

(Newly updated in 2024: I'm always trying to keep this page up to date with new releases and removing the items that are gone from Amazon, sorry if I'm behind!)

Do you love a high-price designer look? I sometimes do! However, it's just not in my budget right now. Thankfully, I've found a few items on that are similar to these well-loved designer items that you see celebrities and fashion gurus wearing. These items are designer-inspired that can give you a designer look for less.

Okay, but first, I'd like to start off by saying that in all my life, I've never been really into big brands or designer items. This may be due to the fact that I was raised to be extremely careful with my money and not blow my well-earned bucks. It also may be due to the fact that my mum instilled in me an "screw the idea of 'normal'" mentality and that helped me discern between what's actually cool and what's just a trend used as a status symbol with little to no value.

I'm thankful for this, but I can still find myself drooling over a few designer items every now and then... and this list is for those in the same boat!

Shop the designer look:

The Best Designer-Inspired Items I Found on Amazon:

Note: These items go in and out of stock, especially on Amazon. If what you like isn't available, either save the link on your computer and check back at intervals or try to search for something with the same title!


Gucci Dyonysus Bag - Designer Inspired

Gucci belt dupe

Gucci bag: $3,400

Amazon bag: $33


Gucci Double G Belt - Designer Inspired

Gucci belt dupe

Gucci belt: $460

Amazon belt: $14 Buy it here!


Gucci Double G Brooch - Designer Inspired

gucci brooch dupe

Gucci brooch: $515

Amazon brooch: $14 No longer available! Similar here:


Gucci Stripe Shoulder Bag - Designer Inspired

gucci stripe bag dupe

Gucci bag: $1,980

Amazon bag: $31 - No longer available! Here is one similar to another Gucci bag:


Gucci Stripe Sneakers - Designer Inspired

gucci sneaker dupes

Gucci sneakers: $590

Amazon sneakers: $20 No longer available! Similar here:


Gucci Baseball Cap - Designer Inspired

gucci hat dupe

Gucci hat: $390

Amazon hat: $13


Gucci Double G Striped Belt - Designer Inspired

gucci stripe belt dupe

Gucci belt: $430

Amazon belt: $30


Gucci Bee Shoulder Bag - Designer Inspired

gucci bee beetle bag dupe

Gucci bag: $1,885

Amazon bag: $32


Gucci Beetle Bag - Designer Inspired

gucci beetle scarab bamboo bag dupe

Gucci bag: ~$4,500

Amazon bag: $30 - Currently unavailable. :( Similar below!


Gucci White Mules - Designer Inspired

gucci while mule dupe

Gucci mules: $695

Amazon mules: $45



UGG Tazz Platform Slippers - Designer Inspired

Ugg slippers: $130

Amazon slippers: $40

UGG Ultra Mini Platform Boots - Designer Inspired

Ugg boots: $160

Amazon boots: $60



Bottega Veneta Large Drop Earrings - Designer Inspired

Bottega Veneta Drop Earrings: $1,250

Amazon earrings: $14

Bottega Veneta's "The Pouch"  - Designer Inspired

Bottega Veneta bag:$2,700

Amazon bag:



Prada Combat Boots - Designer Inspired

Prada boots: $1,580

Amazon boots: $35

Prada Cahier Bag - Designer Inspired

Prada bag: $3,350

Amazon bag: Unavailable :( will keep looking again!



Amanda Jodie Bag - Designer Inspired

Amanda Jodie bag: $149

Amazon bag: $47



Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag - Designer Inspired

Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag: $440

Amazon bag: $26



Mach & Mach Double Crystal Bow Pointed Toe Pump - Designer Inspired

Mach & Mach Double Crystal Bow Pointed Toe Pump: $1,145

Amazon pumps: $52



Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag - Designer Inspired

louis vuitton neverfull dupe

LV bag: $1,430

Amazon bag: $99 (Currently unavailable) Similar here:


Louis Vuitton V Cuff - Designer Inspired

louis vuitton v cuff dupe

LV cuff: $1,140

Amazon cuff: Unavailable :( will keep looking!


Louis Vuitton V Earrings - Designer Inspired

louis vuitton v stud earrings dupe

LV earrings: $295

Amazon earrings:



Versace Hot Pink Platform Heels - Designer Inspired

Versace platform heels: $1,475

Amazon heels: $34



Chanel Espadrilles - Designer Inspired

chanel espadrilles dupe


Chanel Slingbacks - Designer Inspired

chanel slingback dupe

Chanel shoes: $875

Amazon shoes:


Chanel Quilted Bag - Designer Inspired

Chanel bag: $1,755

Amazon bag:



Fendi Headband - Designer Inspired

Fendi headband: $385

Amazon headband: $15



Birkin Bag - Designer Inspired

Hermes bag: $16,950

Amazon bag:


Hermes Sandals - Designer Inspired

Hermes sandals: $870

Amazon sandals:



Tiffany Double-Tee Ring - Designer Inspired

Tiffany ring: $425

Amazon ring:



Burberry Scarf - Designer Inspired

Burberry scarf: $470

Amazon scarf:



Tory Burch Sandals - Designer Inspired

Tory Burch sandals: $198

Amazon sandals:



Valentino Rockstud Sandals - Designer Inspired

Valentino sandals: $425

Amazon sandals:


Valentino Caged Pumps - Designer Inspired

Valentino heels: $995

Amazon heels:



Cartier Bracelet - Designer Inspired

Cartier bracelet: $10,800

Amazon bracelet:



Cult Gaia Ark Bag - Designer Inspired

Cult Gaia bag: $108

Amazon bag:

Cult Gaia Hera Nano Bag - Designer Inspired

Cult Gaia Hera Mini Rhinestone Shoulder Bag: $498

Amazon bag:



YSL Earrings - Designer Inspired

YSL earrings: $1,462

Amazon earrings: $13 - Unavailable right now :(

YSL Quilt Bag - Designer Inspired

YSL Bag: $1400

Amazon bag:



Shrimps Pearl Beaded Bag - Designer Inspired

Shrimps bag: $710

Amazon bag:



RayBan Rounded Sunglasses - Designer Inspired

Rayban sunglasses: $107

Amazon sunglasses:


Rayban Clubmaster Sunglasses - Designer Inspired

Rayban sunglasses: $107

Amazon sunglasses:



Dior DWAY Slides

Dior slides: $775.00

Amazon slides: $59

Dior Saddle Handbag - Designer Inspired

Dior bag: $1,279

Amazon bag:



Chloé Ring Bag, Pink - Designer Inspired

Chloé bag: $1,690

Amazon bag: $46

Chloé Ring Bag, Black - Designer Inspired

Chloé bag: $1,480

Amazon bag: $25



Bottega Veneta's "The Pouch" - Designer Inspired

Bottega Veneta bag:$2,700

Amazon bag:

A few common questions before I dive into my amazon designer inspired items:

Are designer-inspired items legal?

Yeah! Copyright law in the U.S. does not cover fashion, as it is seen as functional or useful. This means shapes, looks, patterns are free game. There have been attempts at establishing fashion copyright for decades but to no avail. However, there is one caveat: you cannot pretend to be that designer. Simple enough!

Are designer-inspired items ethical?

That is totally up to you to decide. For example, I own a few of the Amazon designer-looking items on this list: Rayban-inspired Clubmaster Sunglasses, RayBan-inspired Rounded Sunglasses, Prada-Inspired Cahier Bag, a Gucci-inspired double-ring belt, and a pair of Chanel-inspired black cap-toe slingback. They're really nice staple pieces that look designer, but are simpler inexpensive designs!

Would I ever buy designer?

Oh yes, I dream of a day where I can confidently buy a pair of Gucci heels!! They may still be bought used, though, because I'm just a cost-conscious gal. hah! But at this point in my life and financial state (single lady living in a city), I would rather put that money into my bank account to save for a newer car or other big purchases, because I don't want to go into debt.

Happy shopping as you look for the best designer inspired items on Amazon! I hope this list helped you find awesome deals -- I try to update this page as much as I can. If you're looking for more interesting gift ideas, take a look at my blog Unusual and Unique Gift Ideas! You'll find even more cool ideas for the woman in your life (or just yourself!).



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