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Unique and Unusual Gift Ideas from Amazon 2022

unusual and unique gift ideas from amazon

When a holiday is approaching or a friend's birthday is coming up, you may not want to opt for a typical candle or gift set for them. Why not go a little more unusual with a friend's gift?

When picking out an unusual or unique gift for a friend, try to think of what would really make them laugh. Do they love bread? Opt for a humungous bread loaf pillow! Do they love cats? Challenge that love with a unique tissue box where the tissue comes out of.... well... its rear end.

No matter who you're buying an unusual gift for, you can find something special on this list! Plus, with an Amazon Prime account, you can get these items delivered super fast for those last-minute shoppers.

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Unusual gifts for women

1. Mermaid Blanket

A unique gift for the mermaid-lover or Ariel-wannabe! If they've booked a Florida vacay, and are looking for what to wear to Disney World, this may be a fun add-on to their suitcase!

2. Cat Scratch DJ

For the girl who loves cats but also likes to keep it real. This cat scratcher is shaped like a DJ booth, so it fits in with your cool decor while also keeping your cuddly buddy happy!

3. Dino Pasta Stirrer

Forget the typical pasta fork, this unique gift for her is perfect for quirky foodies!

4. "Handerpants"

I actually own these! These are always a fun hit with people, whether receiving them or wearing them out. They're an awesome (and unusual) gift to give to your gal pals.

5. Irredecent Cocktail Mix

What. a vibe.

Now that Y2K aesthetic is back in style, so is everything iridescent! This will add so much fun to your cocktail hour with the gals, and is so instagrammable.

6. Boyfriend Pillow

A hilarious and cool gift to gift for women -- their very own boyfriend hug! He doesn't ask for much... won't leave to go out with the boys. Just waits there for you to be in his arms again ;)

7. Math Clock

Your nerdy gal friends will love this! Each hand of the clock has an equation that equals the clock number spot it's in.

8. Reading Reflection Glasses

Reading in bed has never been easier. These reading reflection glasses help you not crane your neck when reading in bed. A great unique gift for the book lover!

9. Super Comfy Sweatshirt

When I say it's comfy, I mean it's comfy. This sweatshirt acts like an all-enveloping blanket as well, keeping you toasty and warm through the winter months.

10. Heat Reactive Shirt

A totally unique gift for the lady in your life!

11. Cat Butt Magnets

For the crazy, or not so crazy, cat lady in your life. This hilarious and unusual gift is such a crowd-pleaser, guaranteed to get some laughs when they open in.

Unusual gifts for men

1. Cereal Killer Spoon

An absolutely KILLER gift for the man in your life.

2. Beard Beanie

What a wacky and fun way to keep your head and your face warm! It's a bit weird and unusual of a gift, but that's the point, right?

3. Universal Socket

A perfect addition to anyone's toolchest, this universal socket is the perfect unique gift for the man in your life.

4. RIP Pluto License Plate

May we always remember and never forget Pluto's life as one of the 9 planets. Now it's just dwarf planet... RIP. This unique gift is perfect for the science nerd or quirky guy that wants to add something cool to his car.

5. Tortilla Blanket

Chipotle, eat your heart out! They say you are what you eat, now your dude can be a burrito! A hilarious and unusual gift to give, guaranteed laughs.

6. Word Clock

It's.... six... past... nine...o'clock. Never read a clock wrong again! This unique clock reads like you're saying the time aloud.

7. Claw Mitt

Whether the man in your life lives and breathes Old Bay Seasoning, or just wants something hilarious to add to his kitchen wares, give the funny gift of a claw mitt!

8. Unique Lighter

This one isn't so weird as it is AWESOME. This vintage-style lighter just makes a guy feel cool.

9. Killer Pen Holder

A little giggle to put on his office desk... and maybe make sure that no one at work bothers him.

Unusual gifts for kids

1. Cell Phone Jail

Keep the table talk goin'! A cell phone jail can help any family or group of kids stay in the moment and foster better relationships with one another.

2. Inflatable Man

A hilarious gift for a kid, an inflatable tube man! You can learn all your dance moves from him.

3. Frog eye mask

Look like a sad frog meme while you sleep! This unique gift would probably thrill any pre-teen, and cause a lot of laughs.

4. Lightsaber chopsticks

"I find your lack of fried shrimp disturbing..." Best gift for your kids who love Star Wars! These lightsaber chopsticks are a great way to learn new eating utensil skills PLUS it adds a huge element of fun.

5. Bread loaf pillow

Bread is life, right? What a cozy and fun way to show your love for all things bread! Kids will love this funny pillow as a gift.

6. Money Grabber Bank

The absolute CUTEST little bank! Kids love the "kawaii" aesthetic, and this is a perfect way for them to save money while still having fun. Make sure to watch the video on the Amazon page, it shows you just how cute it looks!

7. Fat Seal Pillow

It's so so soft, and so so adorable. A seal plush pillow that is as round as you can get!

8. Screaming Goat

Perhaps the best gift to give someone else's kid! This little figurine goat SCREAMS when you press a button, a hilarious and fun gift for anyone who loves a little mayhem.

9. Floating Moon

This moon levitates above its platform with magic...just kidding, it's science!! Perfect gift for a kid who loves astronomy or anything cool and unique.

10. Sling Puck

I can't give this game enough praise!! It's SO simple, and an absolute blast. The game is a quick-paced slinging-puck game -- just try to get all your pucks on the other side to win!

Gag gifts for friends

1. Pickle Gourmet Flavored Cotton Candy

It's icky, but MAN will it be a hit. Everyone is going to want to try a bit of this unique gag gift!

2. Inflatable Pickle

It's absurd. But that's the beauty of it! An inflatable pickle can be used for a summer birthday gift, or just a regular gag gift for a white elephant game.

3. Butts in Space Game

Finding a good gag gift may be a pain in the butt, but not with this one! This may need to be for slightly more mature audiences (ages 9+!), but Butts in Space game can be a perfect gag gift idea. Still family-friendly, if you're okay with a little bit of toilet humor to throw around.

4. Beer Belly Fanny Pack

A few too many bottles can get you a beer gut, but this funny gag gift will give you one immediately! The good news? You can take it off whenever you'd like... unlike a real beer belly.

5. Face Money-Eating Bank

Okay, I know this one is really creepy. I don't like to look at it too long.... it gives me the heebie-jeebies. But imagine the look on your friend's face when they open this hilarious and awkward gag gift.

6. Handi Squirrel

There are SO many funny things you can do with this finger squirrel. Give your family a huge laugh on Christmas, a birthday, or other occasions with this funny gag gift.

7. Cod Fish Flip Flops

Something seems fishy about this... These hilarious slide-on sandals are perfect for the beach or shower room, guaranteed get plenty of stares.

8. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Absolutely perfect for the cat-lover in your family or friends. This gag gift will bring roaring laughter to any party!

9. Rubber Chicken Purse

Cluck cluck! A perfect gag gift - a rubber chicken but in PURSE form.

10. Nicolas Cage Pillow

One side is a nice sequins pillow.. :) You swipe it to the other side and BAM. A man who will steal the declaration of independence!!! This is the perfect gag gift for the friend who can quote every line of National Treasure.



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