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50+ Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfit Ideas + What to Wear to A Taylor Swift Concert!

Updated: May 1

This year has been a crazy one for miss Taylor Swift. She's dropped hint after hint, easter egg after easter egg, song after song, music video after music video!! She's truly a great entertainer and artist, and genuinely one of my favorite musicians to fangirl over.

I got tickets to Taylor Swift's Era's tour, and am trying to decide what era I should go as. . I can't wait to see what Taylor Swift's concert outfits are for this tour!

What do I wear to a Taylor Swift concert? Especially to the Eras tour?

Attendees are planning to wear outfits inspired by their favorite Taylor Swift era. There are ten eras total: Taylor Swift (Self-Titled), Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights. Each era has its own vibe, color aesthetic, and specific pieces Taylor wore during those periods. For example, Reputation is an absolute classic, with snake print, black leather, and tons of sass. Or maybe the Red era? I mean, that one IS my favorite Taylor Swift album. Come as a sad autumn girl with a red scarf, black high-waisted shorts and oxfords— that's definitely a vibe.

But as I was thinking through this, I thought maybe I could make mood boards and help others find the perfect Taylor Swift outfits from amazon to wear to Taylor Swift's concert on her The Eras Tour! I assure you, while putting this list together, with each era I worked on I listened to the album ;) Guaranteed inspiration!

If you click on each link, it'll jump to each era and has Taylor Swift eras tour outfit ideas for each. I'll even include items you can buy that fit into each outfit!

Taylor Swift Self-Titled Album

Taylor Swift Era

T-Swift's self-titled album is a classic, with songs like "Picture to Burn", "Stay Beautiful", and "Should've Said No". With so many Taylor Swift album era options, this one will surely stand out and be super identifiable.

Taylor Swift eras outfit ideas

How to dress in Taylor Swift (Self-Titled) era outfits

When you want to dress like the self-titled Taylor Swift album, you've got to transport yourself back to good ol' 2006! That means low rise flare jeans, floral dresses, and plenty of cowgirl boots. Taylor's look back then involved more soft, butterfly-like looks that harken back to her country roots.

Where to find these outfits:

Taylor Swift Fearless Albums Taylor's version

Fearless Era (Plus Taylor's Version)

Fearless is when Taylor Swift really started to gain speed in the music industry, and the era evokes an true nostalgia for the early Tay years!

Taylor Swift Fearless era outfit ideas

How to dress in Taylor Swift Fearless era outfits

She loves sparkly dresses. Always has, always will. But this was the first era to REALLY bring that to the forefront. Soft whimsical touches, earthy kind of feelings, with a little bit of edginess.

Where to find these outfits:

Taylor Swift speak now album era

Speak Now Era

A fairytale in a nutshell, Speak Now era is like a sparkly purple dream.

Taylor Swift speak now era outfit ideas

How to dress in Taylor Swift Speak Now era outfits

I tapped into a few iconic Taylor Swift outfits from the Speak Now era, which welcomed in her love for oxfords, vintage pieces, and an overall romantic take on everything. Finding the perfect halter purple dress from Speak Now era is ESSENTIAL. I've added the one I found below!

Where to find these outfits:

Taylor Swift red album era

Red Era (Plus Taylor's Version)

Arguably the best Taylor Swift album, hands down. RED is my personal favorite from her discography, mostly because this is the era where I because a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, rather than just a casual listener. All of the raw pain and anguish in this album make this era (and the TV era!) probably what I'm going to choose for the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour!

Taylor Swift RED era outfit ideas

How to dress in Taylor Swift RED era outfits

This era probably has some of the most iconic fashion moments of Taylor Swift's career. The Taylor Swift red tour outfits were amazing. The "We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together" and "22" looks just scream 2012! Now ten years later in 2022, this style is still just as amazing and showstoppping... and iconically RED. Try to find a good striped shirt and some tailored high waisted shorts, and add a pair of red Keds to complete the look!

Where to find these outfits:

Taylor Swift 1989 album era

1989 Era

A HUGE era for Taylor, commercially and her tour! She has so many fun and glitzy looks from this 1989 era. I pulled some Taylor Swift tour costumes from amazon that will make people double-take.... wait, is that Taylor Swift?? No? Shake it off!

Taylor Swift 1989 era outfit ideas

How to dress in Taylor Swift 1989 era outfits

Be sure to wear plenty of sequins, shiny fabrics, and two-piece outfits for a true 1989 era look from Taylor Swift! Add on the quintessential white rayon-type sunglasses to look like a true 1989 fan.

Where to find these outfits:

Taylor Swift reputation album era

Reputation Era

This era is the most similar to my own personal style, so when I attended the Rep tour, I was living my best life!! All her songs have a pop edge to them, so make sure to dress accordingly.

Taylor Swift reputation era outfit ideas

How to dress in Taylor Swift Reputation era outfits

Wear as much snake print, black, fishnet, and combat-wear you can find. The more you look like a hell-raiser, the better for Taylor Swift reputation outfits. I've added in a few cool amazon t-shirts in here as well from the era!

Where to find these outfits:

Taylor swift lover album era

Lover Era

Lover was all bright pink and multicolored, and it was AMAZING. The fun songs (and some deep love songs) created an incredible album from Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Lover era outfit ideas

How to dress in Taylor Swift Lover era outfits

Pink, lots of pink. Actually, all pink. Just kidding! I put together some outfit ideas that are inspired by some of her performance looks and music video outfits from the Lover era.

Where to find these outfits:

Makeup for your Lover eras tour outfit

If you're wanting to dress up as Taylor's Lover era, it's a sweet detail to do the heart shape makeup over her eye like she does on her album cover! In order to do that, you'll need two main items: liquid latex and skin-safe pink glitter. You can find them here:

I've used the liquid latex above before and it works really well. All you'll need to do is outline the heart around your eye with the liquid latex, wait for it to get tacky, and then apply the pink glitter!

Taylor swift Folklore album era

Folklore Era

If you aren't the sparkly-dress Taylor Swift fan, and want to be a sad cottage-core girl, here is your chance! This album screams alone-in-the-woods-and-in-the-feels.

Taylor Swift Folklore era outfit ideas

How to dress in Taylor Swift Folklore era outfits

Tap into the cottage-core look and opt for some comfy sweaters, cardigans, and ditsy floral prints. I've grabbed a few items that look similar to the outfits she wore on some of her photoshoots from this era.

Where to find these outfits:

Taylor Swift evermore album era

Evermore Era

Am I crazy to say that Evermore is one of my favorite TSwift albums? It's definitely the most forgotten one, but WOW does it have some bops, both sad and lovely.

Taylor Swift evermore era outfit ideas

How to dress in Taylor Swift Evermore era outfits

This era was so short-lived, but it gave us some beautiful looks! An easy go-to would be the brown/orange plaid jacket from Evermore. (I've linked on similar) Also, the Willow music video is a huge inspiration for these, and other Swifties will know exactly what you're going for!

Where to find these outfits:

Taylor Swift Midnights album era

Midnights Era

Midnights only came out a few weeks ago while I'm writing this, so I'm still reeling from this album release! I know from the second I hear "Anti-Hero" that it would be an instant classic.

Taylor Swift Midnights era outfit ideas

How to dress in Taylor Swift Midnights era outfits

When it comes to the looks from Midnights era, they span from glitzy blue midnight dresses and plenty of sparkles, mixed with vintage looks that evoke a sense of 70s retro. Combining these all together will be the ultimate Midnights tour outfit!

Where to find these outfits:

Taylor Swift's Stage Outfits

If you want to come to the concert the MOST prepared, you can dress like the current Era: the Eras era! Pretty meta, right? Here are some of the outfits that Taylor's been wearing on her tour that you can recreate in your concert outfit:

Stage outfit 1— Midnights era Lavender Haze jacket

Taylor wears a pink/lavender sparkly dress with a fun faux-fur lavender coat.

Stage outfit 2— Evermore era pink dress

Taylor's whimsical pink dress during her Evermore era is GORGEOUS. Play up your own ethereal vibe and wear a similar dress to the Eras tour!

Stage outfit 3— Reputation era jumpsuit

Taylor wears this awesome one-legged jumpsuit with red snakes all over it. You can buy a black sparkly jumpsuit and attach red snake appliqués to create a look similar to it.

Stage outfit 4— Sparkly RED era jacket

The RED era (my favorite!) has Taylor donning a long red sparkle trench coat. You can look similar to this in either this red velvet long trench I've found, or a men's sparkly suit jacket!

Stage outfit 5— "A LOT Going On At The Moment" shirt

She's reinvented her own RED era look with a shirt that instead of saying "Not a lot going on at the moment" it says "A LOT going on at the moment"! I've found a shirt that says exactly that new phrase on Amazon. Taylor also pairs it with a pair of sparkly black bottoms and a black hat.

Stage outfit 6— 1989 era green two piece

A very Taylor typical outfit, more sparkles! And this time we're working with fun and bright green. She has a sparkle fringed two piece set on stage.

I hope you find some awesome inspiration on what to wear to Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour! See ya there :)

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