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Life isn't perfect, but your outfit can be. 

Style consulting with Summer Lace

Meet Summer

Style Consultant in the Capital Region

Summer has been making her mark in the NY Capital Region since moving to the area in 2015. Since then, she's started an #ootd Instagram, which her close partners urged her to do. She's also been awarded as Capital Region's Best Dressed of 1/23/2020 by the media company Two Buttons Deep.  

It is her passion to help individuals discover their personal style. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 3.07.52 PM.png

What I Specialize In

If you want to improve your life immediately, clean out your closet.

"Okay, I need you to get me the name of your clothing supplier cause YOU'RE F***ING KILLING THE FASHION GAME"

- @stephanietaylor_21

"You’re a walking mood board and I LOVE it."

- @gabrlund

"All of your looks are LOOKS and I am honestly jealous."

 - @lmj5353

Yes, a personal stylist is for you.

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