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Need a professional closet organizer?

Whether you need to know if you can mix blue shoes with black pants or need direction on what clothing stores best fit your style and budget, having a shopping buddy can make your trips easier, more successful, and way more fun. 

What will I get?

Clothing trends change from season to season. Having a shopping buddy can ensure that you're on top of the biggest trends of the season, and make sure that you're paying the best price for the most high-quality clothes. 

Having a partner alongside your shopping trip can ensure that the sale associates do not try to woo you into buying an item that satisfies their quota, but is not what you want. 

If you need help navigating the mall, the seemingly endless store options, and building up your wardrobe with expert advice, using a shopping buddy can help 

Well Organized Closet
Clothes Hanging

How it works

When you hire me as your shopping buddy, we will follow a customized plan to fit your needs. This will include: 


Pre-shopping meeting.

For 15-30 minutes before the shopping trip, we can meet and discuss what you want to achieve through this shopping trip. We can list out which items you are looking to find and determine price range. 

An entire night of shopping.

My Body Positive Promise

A shopping buddy should never make you feel worse than what you came in feelng. I want to support you wherever your body image experience is, and take .


I have another promise, though, and it's a promise of honesty. 

If you choose to ask me a question like "Does this fit right?"  or "Does this make my stomach bulge?", I will give you my honest and loving advice, in addition to a way to help solve it! Whether that be picking a different cut to a dress for your body type, or investing in an amazing pair of shape-sensitive undergarments, we'll figure it out. 

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