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Everyday Style Trends from Instagram Influencers 2020

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

2020 everyday style trends from instagram influencers

I hope you're not as fascinated by Instagram influencers as I am, because it can send you down a rabbit hole. I do, however, love to sometimes scour the app for some daily outfit inspiration. Love them or hate them, one thing is for sure: influencers give you a look into what's up and coming in the major retailers because they promote big brand's newest looks.

Here are a few everyday styles and fashion trends that I've picked up from some of the leading lifestyle fashion bloggers out there—

Pastel tie-dye

from @champagneandchanel

Okay, I think we've all seen it: the insta influencer with bright blonde hair, an impeccable faux tan, and a pastel sweatsuit. That's the COVID-19 uniform, didn't you hear?

After loungewear has run its course and we go back to normal life, I don't think pastel tie-dye isn't going to be out quite just yet — I've seen plenty of non-loungewear coming out in these bubblegum pinks and blues. Get ready for the pastel wave.

My favorite pastel tie-dye piece from Madewell: HERE

Colorful Blazers

from @rachmartino

Blazers have had a comeback recently, in many different forms. In the fall/winter of 2019/2020, tweed and neutral blazers were hot. They had that Instagram tan/monochromatic aesthetic many people were after (that I'm frankly pretty tired of -- read more about that here). But this is a newer and fresher take on the power suit. It adds a splash of fun and a spring/summer feel that we all desperately need.

I found and love this same blue ASOS pantsuit from above: HERE

Puffy Sleeves

from @theyusufs

Strong shoulders are a bold look, but they don't need to be as square and masculine as a blazer. You can opt for a softer, feminine touch with puffy-sleeves peasant tops. Top fashion news sites have been forecasting this trend for a while, but it's now filtering down into major stores.

My favorite puffy sleeve look from Zara (anyone else hate Zara's online shopping interface?): HERE


from @fashionsensored

Satin skirts and dresses are a light and fun piece to add to any outfit. You can make it casual with sneaks or embrace a mega-fancy feel with some stellar pumps. It's a great way to have a longer skirt in the summertime without it feeling like you're wearing a hot insulated blanket.

I love this emerald green satin skirt from Windsor: HERE

Ditsy Florals

from @noelledowning

Ditsy florals became popular again with the wave of 90s fashion styles the past few years, but it looks to be mutating a bit into a more diverse market. You can layer them with the plain white T and a pair of combat boots and you've got a great grudge look. Contrastingly, you can pair this type of dress with a pair of Keds and you're in preppy paradise.

A cute and affordable ditsy floral dress from Walmart: HERE

White Boots

from @jaglever

White boots started to really pick up speed last year, but I don't think they're done. At least I hope not! *looks at white boots in closet, excited to pair them with my summer dresses*.....

This 80s fashion trend is back in a new way — and it feels more boho and alternative than shoulder-pad glam like before.

A pair of white western booties that are similar to the ones I own: HERE

Girly tops

Video still from @hannahann

We can thank The Bachelor contestant, Hannah Ann, for bringing this style to the forefront of most of the U.S's minds. Of course, she's not the first or only person wearing this style, but she's honestly the first person I think of when I thought of this fashion trend. If you're scared to wear shirts like this because you're afraid of looking like a 6-year-old, try to wear it accompanied by more sophisticated pieces to add a bit of contrast and remind people you ARE above the age of 15.

A cute girly top from Forever 21: HERE


from @livingmybeststyle

I remember being in 6th grade and owning a pair of espadrilles. I felt like I was KILLIN' IT back in 2007. But there have since been waves of espadrilles coming back onto Target shelves... little by little, and now is more than ever. I like them because they give a beachy vibe but still can be dressed up.

My favorite espadrilles from Target: HERE

Thanks for reading!

- Summer Lace



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